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(1)The Rose (2)Jerusalem (3)My Beloved is mine (4)The Tree of Life
(5)Lillies (6)Peacock (7)Butterfly (8)Yellow Flower
(9)I Am For My Beloved (10)The Dancers (11)Jerusalem Dancers (12)Rose & Butterfly
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Are examples of "Special Order" Ketubot.
The size of each finished Ketuba is 33"x36"
It is completely made to order as specified by the Rabbi of the Bride and Groom
The prices range from $850 to $1500 depending on the elaboration of the design and the materials needed.
3 and 7
Are lithos and are matted to 11"x14"
Unfilled lithos are $55 for filling information add $95.
Wood frame with glass add $20
5 is a litho of a Bar or Bat MItzvah Blessing.
Also available Birthblessings

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