Inspirational Rings

Let your inspiration lift you
Say it boldly in Hebrew
Each ring hand crafted by the artist
To bring you good luck and fortune wear
No. 1,2 or 3
(with or without a Jewish star)

To feel closer to GOD wear
No. 4, 5 or 6

To remind you that truth will shine through wear
No. 7, 8 or 9

Bands that say
"I Believe" "To Life" "GOD is my Life" and "Friendship Forever"
are also available

  • All rings can be made in Gold, Siver, and Platinum
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  • To find style no. put the mouse pointer on photo

(S1) Success (S2) Success (S3) Bless and Protect
(S4) Trust GOD (S5) To Life (S6) Trust GOD
(S7) Truth (S8) Truth (S9) Truth

To Order Rings

Rings will be shipped within 10 days after receiving check and ring size.
No. 6 comes with or without your lucky stone.
Prices are $40 in silver without stone.

Price Information

Metal 14k Gold 18k Gold Silver Platinum
Rings 320-470 450-600 40-75 650-850

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